Early Learning Centre Arts & Crafts for Virtual ArtsFest 2020

Tue 13 Oct 8:00am - 3:00pm
The Early Learning Centre students enjoyed the opportunity to participate in ArtsFest 2020.
They have had a wonderful experience and will be ready to participate again next year when they move through to Prep! 

Scarecrow Week

The children worked together to design their own scarecrow to enter into the Tamborine Mountain Scarecrow Festival. We then worked through the materials needed to bring our ideas to life. The ELC families helped to provide materials and with this Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Buttercup the cow were brought to life! 


The Outside of School Hours students have had a strong interest in the arts this semester, in particular Bead Art. This involved designing their own work and then melting plastic beads to create the final product. A medium that the group were not so familiar working with to start with but quickly became experts with such a keen interest in the area. 


The Pre-Prep and Kindy group have been doing lots of work around self-portraits. This involved learning how to draw our own features and recognising what they were. Using the space on the paper to draw ourselves in proportion is also a tricky skill to master. 

The Pre-Prep group also explored creating self-portraits by using a more natural material- clay. Using the clay took some getting used to as it is quite different to playdough. The texture was harder and the group needed to incorporate adding in water and manipulating with clay tools to create finer details.