Our College

Tamborine Mountain College is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational day school serving the greater Tamborine Mountain community since 1995 as a secondary campus, becoming a P-12 campus in 2015. TMC became a complete campus in 2019, after the opening of the Early Learning Centre for Pre-Prep. The College Principal, Mrs. Fiona Stevens, has been with the College since 2002.

Philosophy and Aims

At Tamborine Mountain College it is our belief that every child has the right to experience the joy and wonder of learning. Our “Philosophy and Aims” is compatible with the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration. We share with The Declaration in its two distinct but interconnected goals:

Goal 1: The Australian education system promotes excellence and equity

Goal 2: All young Australians become:

•     confident and creative individuals

•     successful lifelong learners

•     active and informed members of the community.

Achieving these education goals is the responsibility of Tamborine Mountain College, Australian Governments and the education community in partnership with young Australians, their families and carers and the broader community.

Tamborine Mountain College’s commitment will be supported by a range of inter-related areas for action:

•     developing stronger partnerships

•     supporting quality teaching and leadership

•     strengthening early childhood education

•     building foundational skills in the primary school years

•     enhancing middle years development

•     supporting senior years of schooling

•     embedding pathways for learning throughout life and supporting effective transitions

•     promoting world-class curriculum and assessment

•     supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners to reach their full potential

•     supporting all young Australians at risk of educational disadvantage

• strengthen responsibility mechanisms with strong, meaningful, accountable and transparent measures.

Learning is about experiencing the wonders of the world. The journey of education is one that inspires, engages and enhances children’s knowledge of the world around them. 


Our students are always our priority and our passionate staff strive to ensure every child feels valued, supported and is working to their potential. 

The TMC Primary Values Program and Secondary ARC Program (Academics, Resilience and Careers) strengthens the social climate of the College as well as addressing cyber-safety, respect, resilience, confidence etc. Although there is no religious affiliation or instruction, moral and social expectations are reinforced in our school community. Close communication exists with parents, and numerous parent teacher events are held throughout the year. 


“Victory & Valour” is the College motto and the two large bronze lions, thus named, stand as sentries at the administration building entrance to symbolise these noble pursuits. Each year level is restricted to just two classes and students belong to either Vic or Val Form.


The College Primary campus adheres to the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum Guidelines. Tamborine Mountain College’s educational philosophy ensures that there is a strong emphasis on modern, innovative teaching programs based upon traditional values. Caring and committed teachers in well-equipped classrooms provide a balance between formal and child centered learning. Excursions and special events are held throughout the year to enhance the learning process.

Extensive computer access is incorporated across the curriculum at all year levels, with a sequential program to develop appropriate skills. The use of online learning initiatives enables the students to construct meaning, present knowledge and enhance their learning techniques. 

Challenging teaching and learning activities in the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, History and the Social Sciences, Digital Technology, Health and Physical Education, the Arts and French Culture and Language, contribute to an all-encompassing curriculum.


At Tamborine Mountain College, student–centered learning is our focus to ensure that students reach their potential in our caring learning environment. We cater for the individual, and recognise and celebrate personal success and achievement. The College has a strong academic core with after-school tutorials for gifted and talented students as well as for those requiring additional personal assistance. 

Junior Secondary 

For Junior Secondary Years 7, 8 and 9, the College has a core curriculum of English, Maths, History and the Social Sciences, Science, Art, Drama, French, Digital Technology and Physical Education, which provide a holistic grounding for senior secondary education.

Year 10 is the foundation year for senior schooling. The focus during this year is on an individual career SET plan which will assist in decision making for subject selection at senior level. Certificate courses and TAFE options (which may include work experience, school-based traineeships and apprenticeships) are explored as part of the College’s program. 

Senior Secondary

Year 11 and 12 students work towards a Senior Statement and QCE (Qld Certificate of Education). 

Pathways for students are:

  *  a strong academic focus with the goal being entrance into tertiary study 

  *  a school-based traineeship or apprenticeship with a view to full-time employment post Year 12.

Subject selection and timetabling cater to these pathways. 

Senior students study 5 subjects. Students manage their study time as well as commitments such as TAFE, part time employment, apprenticeships, traineeships and optional university courses.

Tamborine Mountain College has an excellent reputation in academics and most graduating students elect to continue their studies at tertiary level. As a valued partner of universities such as Griffith University, Bond University, Southern Cross Queensland and many others, our College students benefit from university scholarships and early entry guarantee. Our graduating students have been recipients of the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship to Griffith University, The Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship and the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship to Bond University.  


Tamborine Mountain College is a member of an Independent Sporting Association and is part of the Hinterland Independent Association (HIA), with students competing against Hills International College and Kooralbyn International School. Sport is encouraged at participation level or to a higher competitive level depending upon the individual. 

Competitive sport begins in middle Primary and continues throughout Secondary School. In addition, there is a Sports Certificate Program at senior level in the Secondary campus. A range of competitive sporting pathways are available to students, with some of our students progressing to national level of representation. 


Co-curricular activities, including camps and subject specific excursions show how learning outside the classroom is valued. 

Extracurricular activities are also highly valued, including debating, public speaking, titration, STEM, competitive sport, school productions, snow trips, overseas trips, Duke of Edinburgh and equestrian competitions. Year 4 learn a Band instrument as part of the curriculum. Instrumental music tuition is offered from Year 5 to all levels in Secondary. This forms the basis of our College Bands.

In both Primary and Secondary, excellence in debating and public speaking skills result in many of our students progressing through to the Finals in the Gold Coast regional events. Students from Years 5 to 12 have the chance to be involved in inter school debating competitions.  

Students also have the opportunity to expand their interests by participating in lunchtime clubs. Activities available for students include chess, book clubs, choir, French club, Leo Club, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Yr 9 and up), board games and other specialist interest areas. 


The Drama Excellence Program is open to Secondary students who wish to hone their skills in drama and performance, and expand their portfolio of theatre work. The program is designed to provide a diverse range of drama experiences through the exploration of various theatre forms and styles. Students work intensively with teachers to develop a live performance outcome for audiences.

The Arts Excellence Program for senior students provides opportunities for talented students to develop their skills and expand their knowledge of different art mediums. Workshops are also available, where recognised artists share their styles with our students.


Digital Technology is an integral part of the learning environment at Tamborine Mountain College. TMC utilises the Cloud, thereby ensuring that access to materials is available anytime, anywhere. Tablets, Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education are just some of the ways ICT is used to enhance the learning experience 

The College utilises the Wheelers eLibrary Platform with hundreds of fiction titles available including audiobooks for students to borrow and read on their digital devices. The complete campus wireless connectivity to the internet and intranet has age appropriate and secure content filters in place. Along with data projectors and LCD monitors, these are used as teaching tools to enhance the content of a lesson. Interactive whiteboards are used to enable teachers to deliver lessons that cater to a wide range of learning styles and incorporate ICT. 


Close communication exists with parents and an active Parents & Friends Association is supportive of the College. The group meets on a monthly basis and is responsible for fundraising and assist with co-curricular activities. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. Notice of meetings will be on our web posts.


Scholarships for Years 7 and Year 11 are awarded to students on the basis of Academic, Sporting, Arts or Drama excellence. 

Recipients are expected to contribute to the College in the form of active representation as required.
Students entering Year 7 and Year 11 can apply for a scholarship prior to the end of June in the preceding year.

To apply for a scholarship:

  • Download and fill in the Scholarship Application form
  • Latest graded reports (copies are suitable)
  • NAPLAN results (copies are suitable)
  • Certificates, Awards as further evidence (copies are suitable)
  • References are not necessary but are welcome, particularly if they support otherwise inaccessible information
  • Attendance at a short interview with the Principal will be required for new families
  • Applications should be submitted by the end of June
  • Art & Drama applications - a folio of 3 -5 pieces must be submitted
  • Scholarships/bursaries are reviewed on an annual basis.

  • Pre-Prep wear navy sports top and the College sports uniform with a full brim soft green hat for every day.
  • Prep, Years One and Two wear the College sports uniform with a full brim soft green hat for every day. The sports uniform bears the colour of the House that the student is in – Gold for Nicholls, Red for Walton, Blue for Kyle. 
  • Year Three, Four, Five and Six – Formal College uniform with the green jumper for winter. Boys have the option of shorts or trousers. Girls have the option to wear either culottes, trousers or skirt as part of the formal uniform. An Akubra hat is also worn.
  • Year Seven, Eight and Nine - Formal College uniform with a green blazer to distinguish junior high students. Girls have the option to wear either culottes, trousers or skirt as part of the formal uniform. An Akubra hat is also worn. Sports uniform for sports days.
  • Year Ten, Eleven and Twelve - TMC uniform with navy blazer for senior high students. Girls have the option to wear either culottes, trousers or skirt as part of the formal uniform. An Akubra hat is also worn. Sports uniform for sports days.


The snack shop is available for Secondary students to purchase items at morning tea and lunchtime. Orders for hot food & sandwiches are online through Flexischools for Primary & Secondary students. Sushi and other items are available for purchase on certain days. Primary meals are delivered to the classrooms.


There are two bus companies that provide a bus service to the College. 

Please contact them directly for further information:

  *  Logan Coaches - 07 5546 3077

  *  Tamborine Mountain Coaches - 07 5545 1298 or 0422 936 786

NB: Parent contact details are shared with the relevant bus company.

Tamborine Mountain College families pay a maximum of $35.00 per week for their children's bus fares on TM Coaches' contracted bus services. A one-way trip per child is a $3.50 bus fare. The College uses the Rollcall Bus Safety Management system for these bus services.

The College offers a Travel Bursary/Concession to those families who live in a catchment which does not entitle your child to receive the Beaudesert or Logan Coaches bus travel concession. For further enquiries please contact TMC Accounts Department, ph 07 5545 3644 (option 6) or accounts@tmc.qld.edu.au.

Our Programs

Tamborine Mountain College offers a wide range of avenues to nurture and encourage students in a variety of areas. We strive to ensure students feel they are valued in a learning environment that both challenges and supports them to pursue excellence and to develop a passion for lifelong learning. Our philosophy is of a student-centred, safe learning environment with a family-like feel. Each year level is restricted to two classes only.

Enrichment and extension programs are on offer for students to extend their learning experiences.